The Weekly Wrap

I love Sundays.

Most people kinda dread them because it means going back to work.  It means having to do Mondays.  It means the weekend is over.

I love them.  Sundays are my day to grocery shop, do laundry and cook all day long.  There is nothing I love more than hearing the constant hum of the washer and dryer, the smell of lingering bacon from breakfast well into lunch time, the smell of clean laundry, and sweet chaos of the kids laughing and playing and even the occasional scolding from Daddy.

Sundays are the sound of family.

Sundays are also the day I like to reflect on the week that just happened and the week that is about to come.  Time moves at lightening speed these days and I like to remember all the moments in between.

Love that my front yard has been taken over by clover.  It smells like fresh herbs when we mow.

Monsoons in July.  Love them.  They give us a gentle reprieve from the Arizona summers.

So glad to have her home.  10 days with the grandparents. Longest we've been apart in 8 years.

Late night grub.  Love Fili B's when you want to be really bad!

So glad he's home too.  He was with Sissy and the grandparents.  10 long days without that face!

It means "I Love You."  At least that's what the dinosaurs say.

Oh yeah.  That shizz is real, yo.  Weeds taller than me in my garden area. Lots of work.

Gorgeous Arizona sunsets.  Hotter than hell, but still pretty.

Mind blown.  That's it.  Had to have them.

On my way to date night with the Hubby.

Looking Forward To:

  • School supply shopping with Penelope.  I think I'm more excited.
  • Greg to be done with his mid-terms.
  • Pay day.
  • Cousin sleepover at our house.
  • Co-worker coming back from vacation and seeing his trashed pranked office.
Have a great week!


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