I Hope She Never Changes.

One of the things Penelope detests most is the fact that she has to wear uniforms to school.  I love it, from an easy-morning-routine perspective, but I get where she is coming from.  She likes to wear clothes that she likes. She likes to have a choice.  I love when she puts outfits together.  I am not a mom who censors (within reason of course, no micro-mini skirts, short shorts or plunging necklines for this kid) her kid's clothing.  Meaning if Penelope comes out wearing a tie-dye skirt, cowgirl boots, and a plaid top; I'm not stopping her.  I LOVE this about her.  She could care less what anyone else thinks.  I'll be honest, there have been a few times, I've raised my eyebrows and she replies with her 15-year-old-in-a-6-year-old-body response, "What Mama?  I like it."  Rock on Peeps.  I tell her, but I know it doesn't quite register with her yet, that this uniqueness she is creating is one my most favorite things about her.  She just thinks I'm nuts, because to her it is simple...she is just wearing what she likes at any given moment.

So, the other day in the grocery store, I snapped these photos.  I had just picked her up from school and we were running a quick errand before picking up the Jr. Mint at daycare.  The other thing I love about her (most of the time) is her tenacity to bend the rules.  I love that she doesn't follow the herd.  She is not a sheep.  Never has been.  I pray that along the way in life, she never loses these things.  That she doesn't let society sensor her individuality.  Most days, she plays along and follows the rules of  her school dress code.  Other days she does not...sometimes she wears crazy colored knee high socks, maybe a crazy hair accessory, or simply just her favorite boots.  Rock on Peeps.  Rock on.