Instagram Weekend /// 6.8.12 - 6.10.12

SugarPlum bugging me while painting the fence.
Before /// After:  A little weatherproofing on the fence.
On one of the many trips to Home Depot.  Shorts & Boots!  Rock on my Little Man.
Love my boy!
Crazy Kids!
Fun in the Summer Sun.
Tough lesson on the farm on Saturday.  Something, assuming a cat, got our chicken Elizabeth.  Just a couple piles of feathers and the saddest part...an egg,  :(  
Before /// Beer Butt Chicken
After /// Beer Butt Chicken
Midas is here!  Our first horse!  So excited.  We were gifted Midas from Greg's uncle.
Can you tell she is happy!  
Boy:  A noise with dirt on it.
Geoffrey Beans!
Passed out waiting for dinner.  Look at those lippies!
Stopped by Goodwill on a whim to see if I could find any treasures.  And, I did!  Two PERFECT vintage Pyrex pieces that I did not already have.
Yep, they get a kiddie pool!
Splish Splash!
My Old Puppy Milo - King of the Barnyard
The Girls:  Bessie & SugarPlum
Kids live here!
My heart belongs here.
We love him already.
Mowin w/ Black Beauty
My favorite time of day.
Planting flowers with my babies!
Dead gopher.
There may have been tears from a certain little girl who thinks "this is just unfair and every animal deserves their habitat!!!"
A certain little girl may have gotten the "life isn't fair" talk too.
Yep, I love cheesy Garden Gnomes!
A perfect, perfect weekend!