I've Got A Problem...

I blog, and then I don't.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Well, I'm determined to be better about blogging this year.  I really do enjoy blogging and I know my readers (my mom) loves it too.  So, first resolution is to be a better blogger.

Happy New Year!  I can't wait to make 2015 my bitch!  

So last night, none of us made it till midnight.  Well Greg did and woke me up and then we tried to wake the kids up to go outside and do sparklers and toast the new year.  They assured us they would get up.  They did not.  We all decided this morning that instead of trying to stay up to midnight to ring in the new year, we will celebrate the next morning.  Works for me! 

After spending the day with family and talking about possible changes that may come our way this year, we lit lanterns with messages for the new year and sent them off into the night with a hope and a prayer.  My mother-in-law actually surprised me with these Chinese Lanterns that you light and send off.  I don't know how she knew that I loved them, but it was great surprise.  I've decided that this will be our new tradition on the first day of each new year.  We loved it!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2015!  This year, I am going to live my life with intent and be brave while doing it!