Everyday Inspiration: Old Fashioned Produce Bags

I'm pretty sure I'm the only that has a freak-out session in the grocery store when beauts like these are spotted.

Oh my gah!

Found at my local Whole Foods

I was immediately drawn to them and had I not been on my lunch break, I might have just filled each bag with their respective treats!  Hmm, maybe it's all a marketing ploy.  Oh well, I still fell in love with the colors, fonts and graphics on each bag.  I also LOVE the ideal of these old produce bags coming back.  I love the handles, I love, I love, I love.  I have issues.

Regardless, it's fun to find inspiration in uncommon places.  Sometimes it is the creative juju you need to get things jump started.  Look around!  You might just be pleasantly surprised in the simplest things.


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